Thursday, August 11, 2011

Registration For After School Is Going Strong!!

We are happy to see the tremendous amounts of Interest from students and Parents about the new after school program!

Today August 12th, Sewell will be open from about 9am-3pm, parents and students please come meet us in the Multi-Purpose Room during your visits to your teachers today!

REMEMBER: Your child cannot start the program unless your registration is fully completed. That includes:
Registration Form
Emergency Information and Immunization Card (Blue Card)
A copy of your child's Immunization Records
Media Release Form
Blog Release Form
Signed Parent/Student Handbook Agreement

Phone calls will be made starting today to those who have turned in some paperwork and will be notified if your child's registration is incomplete due to missing forms, information, or release forms

The registration packet and Handbook can be accessed on the right side of the site by
clicking the square with the arrows pointing to the corners

Please leave a comment if any questions and I will try to answer as promptly as I can

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